Main Campus Construction Updates

Current Construction Projects

  • Academic Commons South Building Renovation

Completed Projects

Academic Commons South Renovation

The project will improve the teaching & learning environment by installing a standard HVAC system throughout the facility while eliminating the existing fan-coil units that are ineffective, extremely noisy and distracting. The project will include the creation of a new Academic Advising/Career Services/Student Employment area; a new Art Department area; a new Seminar Room; and will upgrade the existing restroom space on the first floor and will create a new Testing Center on the second floor.

The Construction Documents were approved on March 27, 2014. Download the final design PDF

The Schematic Design was completed in mid-December 2013. Download it PDF

The Preliminary Design was approved on January 15, 2014. Download it PDF

The project schedule is as follows:

  • Contract Bid Opening – May 14, 2014
  • Construction Start - June 2, 2014
  • Construction (Material Completion) - January 5, 2015
  • Building Occupancy - January 2 to 15, 2015

Although Biology and Chemistry Lab space is to be completed by August 18, 2014 to allow for utilization during the fall session, the remainder of the building will remain closed and occupied by the construction contractor until Material Completion in January 2015.