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Ty Cobb Scholarship Program

General Regulation and Procedures
Ty Cobb Scholarships are awarded for the purpose of attending a specific institution and may not be transferred to any other institution except by prior authorization of the scholarship board.

Funds awarded to students are sent directly to the approved college or university.

All information, forms and documents required of initial applicants or of renewal applicants must be postmarked no later than June 15. The transcript must be official and must include grades of the most recent semester or quarter of attendance.

The scholarship awarded to a student will be revoked if the student fails to maintain the status of a full-time student in good standing, is placed on probation or suspension, or if the financial circumstances of the student no longer requires funds from this Foundation.
Persons Eligible to apply
Undergraduate students who are residents of the State of Georgia, have demonstrated financial need, and have completed at least 30 semester or 45 quarter hours of academic credits with an average of “B” or higher in an accredited college are eligible to apply for Ty Cobb scholarships. Students with higher academic average and the greatest need will be given priority.

Professional students in medicine and dentistry who are residents of Georgia and have demonstrated financial need are eligible to apply for Ty Cobb scholarships.
How to apply
Students can download an application directly from Ty Cobb Education Foundation or by writing or emailing. The email address is tycobb@mindspring.com and the mailing address is P.O. Box 937, Sharpsburg, Georgia 30277. Students may also download copies of the application and the brochure at the website; www.tycobbfoundation.com.
Ty Cobb Scholarship Programp Flyer
Ty Cobb Scholarship Application