COAST Registration Instructions

Students are assigned an academic advisor based upon the desired program of study. The advisor for a program of study is typically an instructor in that area. (Undecided, transient, and other special admission category students are advised by the Advisement Center.) Approximately one week prior to the scheduled registration period, contact your advisor to discuss your academic plan.

During the scheduled registration period, you may register via COAST

In the Secure Area, go to Registration and click on Check Your Registration Status to determine your registration period. The following groups are excluded from COAST registration:
  • Learning Support
  • New Students
  • Academically Ineligible (Dismissal/Suspension)
If you are in one of the above categories, following advisement, your advisor will register you into the desired courses. NOTE: You are only excluded from the Registration portion of COAST. You still have access view your class schedule, midterm, final grades, and financial aid information.

To register using COAST:

  1. Click Student Services and Financial Aid.
  2. Click Registration.
  3. Please read the registration disclaimer that appears and choose Do Accept.
  4. Click Add/Drop Classes.
  5. Choose the appropriate registration term and click Submit Term.
  6. Enter the Alternate PIN provided to you by your academic advisor and click Submit PIN.
  7. Enter the CRNs provided to you by your academic advisor and click Submit Changes.
  8. If an incorrect CRN is entered, choose Web Drop in the Action block and click Submit Changes to dop the course.
  9. Your class is registered.
  10. Click Student Services and Financial Aid.
  11. Click Registration.
  12. Choose Do Accept.
  13. Click Registration Fee Assessment to view your fees.
  14. Click Student Schedule by Day or Time or Student Detail Schedule to view your registered course schedule.