COAST Login Instructions

  1. Login to  my.CCGA.  Your user ID is the same as your student ID (find ID number). Your initial password is CCGa followed by your birth date as mmddyy (i.e. if your birth date is January 1, 1992 your default password is CCGa010192)
  2. Select the C.O.A.S.T icon from your MyApps portlet
  3. Once inside the secure area, click Student Services and Financial Aid to access your Student Records, Registration, and Financial Aid information.

Login Assistance

Please call Computer Services, 912.279.5760 if you experience difficulty with your initial login.
  • The first time you log on you will be asked to set up a PIN Hint Question and answer.
    (Hint: Choose a question that will have only ONE answer EVER).
  • You can change your PIN anytime you enter COAST. Please choose a new 6-digit number (no spaces or dashes). Keep this number confidential for the security of your academic records.