COAST Registration Error Resolution

The errors listed below may appear during registration on COAST. If you encounter one of these errors, please be aware that until the error is resolved, the course is not registered. Error resolution may require direct contact with your academic advisor or other appropriate college personnel.

Time Conflict with #####

This course has a time conflict with a course already on your schedule, CRN #####. Use the pull-down menu in the action field to drop the course causing the conflict, enter the new course CRN in the Add Class block, and click on Submit Changes.

Preq and Test Score-Error

This course has a pre-requesite which you have not met. You may seek special permission to add the course from the Chairperson of the Department teaching the course.

CLOSED Section

The enrollment in this course has reached its limit. Try another section of this same course or contact the instructor for further options.

Maximum Hours Exceeded

You have exceeded 18 credit hours for this semester. If you wish to apply for an overload, complete the “Overload Request Form” and submit it to your academic advisor and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dupl Crse with Sec-#####

This course has the same course number as a course already on your schedule. You may not register for two sections of the same course. Please contact your academic advisor for assistance.

Please contact your academic advisor or the COAST Help Desk if you have additional questions concerning registration errors.