Student Records & Forms

Admissions Forms

Office of Admissions
College of Coastal Georgia
One College Drive
Brunswick, GA 31520
PH: 912.279.5730

Immunization Form

Petition for Residency
  • Download Petition for Residency
  • This petition should be submitted only if you have already been notified that you have been classified as out-of-state for tuition purposes and you think that further information could alter that decision.

Registrar's Forms

College of Coastal Georgia
One College Drive
Brunswick, GA 31520
PH: 912.279.5738

Application for Graduation
  • Students may apply for graduation after 30 hours (about 2 semesters before the intended graduation date).
  • A fee is required when the graduation application is submitted.
  • Apply for Graduation

Change of Major Form
  • Download Change of Major Form
  • Students should complete this form as soon as they know they are changing their major.
  • Changes may take several weeks to be processed and reflected in the CCGA system.

Degree and Enrollment Verification

Petition for Incomplete
  • Download Petition for Incomplete
  • If students are unable to complete a class, they may discuss the possibility of an incomplete with their instructor. The form must be on file before the end of the current semester. See catalog for details.

Request for Transcript
  • Download Transcript Request Form
  • Transcripts are $3 a copy when processed in the normal time frame of three to five working days. A fee of $15 applies for same day transcript requests.
  • To pay for a transcript online with credit or debit, please call the Bursar Office at 912-279-5746 to apply the appropriate fee
  • Students may request that the transcript be sent immediately, or be held until the end of term, or until degree is awarded.
  • Review Transfer Work

Withdrawal Form
  • Download Withdrawal Form
  • There will be consequences to withdrawing from classes. Financial Aid will be affected in some way.
  • Students with a documentable hardship may discuss the possibility of a hardship withdrawal with the campus Academic Dean. See catalog for details.
  • Download Hardship Withdrawal Form

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